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James Lin
created an issue

I was doing some data import and worked for a few times but then suddenly throws the following error:

python2.7/site-packages/whoosh/codec/base.pyc in deminimize_values(postingsize, count, string, compression)
    843     if postingsize < 0:
--> 844         return loads(string)
    845     elif postingsize == 0:
    846         return [None] * count

EOFError: I have been searching on google and could not find anything related to this problem.


I have tried adding try catch block around it to see what the value is in string, but was still having exactly the same problem. Then I undo the changes and suddenly working again.

It seems to me that the error happened in a deeper level, something to do with when writing the whoosh index.

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  1. James Lin reporter

    It's a very random problem, I don't really know to reproduce it, we do have 2 people working on the same project together and the designer is using SMB connecting to the folders, not sure if that is related to it. I asked the designer if he was doing something special and he didn't think so.

    This has happened couple of times in the last month, both had the same line number of the error.

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