stem/variations bug for words with "-tted"

Issue #390 resolved
Anonymous created an issue

stem("admitted") admitt

variations("admitted") set(['admitteless', 'admittings', 'admittment', 'admitteness', 'admittly', 'admitting', 'admitte', 'admitted', 'admittness', 'admitt', 'admittements', 'admittments', 'admittenesses', 'admittless', 'admitters', 'admitts', 'admittnesses', 'admitteful', 'admittest', 'admitter', 'admittes', 'admittely', 'admittful', 'admittement'])

reverse is missing one 't'

variations("admit") set(['admitments', 'admitness', 'admitful', 'admits', 'admitings', 'admitnesses', 'admitting', 'admitted', 'admitly', 'admitless', 'admited', 'admitest', 'admitters', 'admittings', 'admiters', 'admittest', 'admiting', 'admit', 'admiter', 'admitment', 'admitter'])

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  1. Matt Chaput repo owner

    Thanks, sorry it took me so long to reply! I'll have to look at other Porter implementations and find what I'm doing wrong. You can use the snowball implementation instead (see LanguageAnalyzer), it handles admitted correctly at least.

    The fix for the "fast" Porter might have to go in the next major version since it could be construed as changing the behaviour of existing indexes.

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