Is this project dead?

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James Howe created an issue

I see the last commit was 2017-07-16 (over a year ago) and a huge pile of issues with no activity.

Is this project dead? Is there any alternative?

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  1. mx2048

    Unfortunately, the project seems to be abandoned. You can try Python wrappers for other search engines such as Elasticsearch, Solr, and Xapian. Also look at typesense.

  2. Andreas

    @mx2048 It's a better idea for someone who truly cares to step up and maintain this. Whoosh has enormous benefits versus Java solutions for many cases.

  3. Andreas

    @nijel That's really nice. I think @mchaput should get in touch with you and overall let us know if he has plans to return to maintenance.

  4. James Howe reporter

    If someone's going to seriously look at fixing things, I'll start filing more issues. There's a horrible memory problem with deleted documents,

  5. Andreas

    @jamesmhowe What is that problem exactly ? I think you should report everything. Whoosh is too good to die !

  6. David Lesieur

    @Andreas well said, Whoosh is too good to die. I'm using Whoosh on projects where Solr or Elasticsearch would be overkill, but where faceting and good search functions are still needed.

  7. Meng Zhao

    I'm using whoosh in my project, and can help with maintenance, but also have limited knowledge... I will try to read the code and start from some small issues.

  8. Meng Zhao

    Hi, I have read the code(briefly), and feel already to start fixing some bugs reported here, but don't how how to contribute...

  9. Michal Čihař

    Great, so we have some people willing to do the work, now the question is where to do it ;-). Has somebody tried to reach @mchaput about this? In case we're going to move the repository, my preference would be to migrate to Git as well.

  10. Michal Čihař

    Okay, let's give @mchaput some time to respond and figure out what to do when he is not reachable later.

  11. David Lesieur

    @fortable1999 I think it would be useful to migrate issues as well. I guess it should be done before new issues get posted on GitHub, to preserve numbering. This script looks interesting but I have not tried it:

    @nijel I like how it's been done for the suds project. Having "community" in the organization's name clearly shows where it stands in relation to the original author. "whoosh-community" would be a great package name on PyPI (in my opinion much less confusing than "python-whoosh"). @fortable1999, what do you think?

    I am also very interested in putting some time into the project.

  12. Stephane Boisson

    Moving sources, issues and package distribution under the name whoosh-community sounds good to me!

  13. David Lesieur

    @fortable1999 thanks for that migration! Unless @mchaput gives some feedback, I should soon be working on the new repo.

  14. Stephane Boisson

    Thanks!! We have to setup continuous integration (travis?) Should we keep discussing on the github?

  15. Meng Zhao

    I didn't setup travis yet but planning to do. Currently I try to fix test codes and will submit the fixed version. I will open new issues on github.

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