Write tutorial on using Weighting.final()

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Matt Chaput
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When you finally get around to writing tutorials, include one about using the Weighting.final() method to influence document scores based on a document popularity factor stored somewhere else.



class MyWeighting(scoring.BM25F): def final(searcher, docnum, score): # Let's say your model associates a document ID with the hit count # for each document, and the document ID is in the "id" stored field.

# First, get the contents of the "id" field for this document docid = searcher.stored_fields(docnum)["id"]

# Look up the document's hit count in my model maxhits = mymodel.max_hits() hitcount = mymodel.get_hits(docid)

# Multiply the computed score for this document by the popularity return score * (hitcount / maxhits) }}}