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Issue #58 resolved

test_simplify fails

created an issue


test_simplify fails in Whoosh 1.1.1, giving the following error:


FAIL: test_simplify (tests.test_queries.TestQueries)

Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/ant1/Projects/deb/python-whoosh/tests/test_queries.py", line 71, in test_simplify self.assertEqual(q1.simplify(r), q2) AssertionError: And([Or([Term('v', u'brie', boost=2.0), Term('v', u'bear', boost=2.0), Term('v', u'bee', boost=2.0)]), Term('v', 'juliet')]) != And([Or([Term('v', u'bear', boost=2.0), Term('v', u'bee', boost=2.0), Term('v', u'brie', boost=2.0)]), Term('v', 'juliet')])


I made a simple patch, that fixed this failure. I am not sure if that is correct, please check it.

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