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Fix running tests in parallel

  1. Michał Górny avatarMichał Górny

The tests currently use constant naming if basename is passed. This may result in random failures whenever more than one instance of tests is running concurrently from a common source directory (with out-of-source build).

I'm providing an easy fix which respects consumer-provided basename. It uses mkdtemp() to create the temporary directory with a random name as 'parent' directory for the test dir.

Comments (3)

    1. Michał Górny author

      how can this issue be reproduced best?

      An easy way to get a random failure is to use:

      for a in $(seq 10); do nosetests tests/test_tables.py & :; done

      But the likeliness of reproducing depends on the actual test. Most of the tests use random() to create the name — they're less fragile but it depends a lot on the random generator then.

      can you also file an issue on the issue tracker?

      Do you mean the 'Issues' tab on bitbucket?

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