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from import assert_equal  #@UnresolvedImport

from whoosh.qparser.dateparse import *

basedate = datetime(2010, 9, 20, 15, 16, 6, 454000)
english = English()

def assert_adatetime(at, **kwargs):
    assert at.__class__ is adatetime
    for key in adatetime.units:
        val = getattr(at, key)
        target = kwargs.get(key)
        assert_equal(val, target, "at.%s=%r not %r in %r" % (key, val, target, at))

def assert_timespan(ts, sargs, eargs):
    assert_adatetime(ts.start, **sargs)

def assert_unamb(ts, **kwargs):
    assert_unamb_span(ts, kwargs, kwargs)

def assert_unamb_span(ts, sargs, eargs):
    startdt = adatetime(**sargs).floor()
    enddt = adatetime(**eargs).ceil()
    assert_equal(ts.start, startdt, "start %s != %s" % (ts.start, startdt))
    assert_equal(ts.end, enddt, "end %s != %s" % (ts.end, enddt))

def assert_datespan(ts, startdate, enddate):
    assert ts.__class__ is timespan
    assert_equal(ts.start, startdate)
    assert_equal(ts.end, enddate)


def test_simple_dateparse(t=english.simple):
    assert_adatetime(t.date_from("2005", basedate), year=2005)
    assert_adatetime(t.date_from("200505", basedate), year=2005, month=5)
    assert_adatetime(t.date_from("20050510", basedate), year=2005, month=5, day=10)
    assert_adatetime(t.date_from("2005051001", basedate), year=2005, month=5, day=10, hour=1)
    assert_adatetime(t.date_from("200505100108", basedate), year=2005, month=5, day=10, hour=1, minute=8)
    assert_adatetime(t.date_from("20050510010835", basedate), year=2005, month=5, day=10, hour=1, minute=8, second=35)

    assert_adatetime(t.date_from("2005-05", basedate), year=2005, month=5)
    assert_adatetime(t.date_from("2005 05 10", basedate), year=2005, month=5, day=10)
    assert_adatetime(t.date_from("2005.05.10.01", basedate), year=2005, month=5, day=10, hour=1)
    assert_adatetime(t.date_from("2005/05/10 01:08", basedate), year=2005, month=5, day=10, hour=1, minute=8)
    assert_adatetime(t.date_from("2005.05.10  01:08:35", basedate), year=2005, month=5, day=10, hour=1, minute=8, second=35)

    assert t.date_from("2005 02 31", basedate) is None
    assert t.date_from("2005-13-32", basedate) is None

def test_time(t=english.time):
    assert_adatetime(t.date_from("13:05", basedate), hour=13, minute=5)
    assert t.date_from("28:91", basedate) is None

    assert_adatetime(t.date_from("3pm", basedate), hour=15)
    assert_adatetime(t.date_from("3 pm", basedate), hour=15)
    assert_adatetime(t.date_from("10pm", basedate), hour=22)
    assert_adatetime(t.date_from("10 pm", basedate), hour=22)
    assert_adatetime(t.date_from("3am", basedate), hour=3)
    assert_adatetime(t.date_from("3:15 am", basedate), hour=3, minute=15)
    assert_adatetime(t.date_from("5:10pm", basedate), hour=17, minute=10)
    assert_adatetime(t.date_from("12:45am", basedate), hour=0, minute=45)
    assert_adatetime(t.date_from("12:45pm", basedate), hour=12, minute=45)
    assert_adatetime(t.date_from("5:45:05 pm", basedate), hour=17, minute=45, second=5)

    assert_adatetime(t.date_from("noon", basedate), hour=12, minute=0, second=0, microsecond=0)
    assert_adatetime(t.date_from("midnight", basedate), hour=0, minute=0, second=0, microsecond=0)

    assert t.date_from("15 am", basedate) is None
    assert t.date_from("24:00", basedate) is None
    assert t.date_from("12:65", basedate) is None

def test_dmy(d=english.dmy):
    assert_adatetime(d.date_from("25 may 2011", basedate), year=2011, month=5, day=25)
    assert_adatetime(d.date_from("may 2 2011", basedate), year=2011, month=5, day=2)
    assert_adatetime(d.date_from("2011 25 may", basedate), year=2011, month=5, day=25)
    assert_adatetime(d.date_from("2011 may 5", basedate), year=2011, month=5, day=5)

    assert_adatetime(d.date_from("apr", basedate), month=4)
    assert_adatetime(d.date_from("september", basedate), month=9)
    assert_adatetime(d.date_from("2001", basedate), year=2001)
    assert_adatetime(d.date_from("july 2525", basedate), year=2525, month=7)
    assert_adatetime(d.date_from("nov 30", basedate), month=11, day=30)
    assert d.date_from("25 2525", basedate) is None

    assert_adatetime(d.date_from("25 may, 2011", basedate), year=2011, month=5, day=25)
    assert_adatetime(d.date_from("may 2nd, 2011", basedate), year=2011, month=5, day=2)
    assert_adatetime(d.date_from("2011, 25 may", basedate), year=2011, month=5, day=25)
    assert_adatetime(d.date_from("2011, may 5th", basedate), year=2011, month=5, day=5)

    assert_adatetime(d.date_from("today", basedate), year=2010, month=9, day=20)
    assert_adatetime(d.date_from("tomorrow", basedate), year=2010, month=9, day=21)
    assert_adatetime(d.date_from("yesterday", basedate), year=2010, month=9, day=19)
    assert_adatetime(d.date_from("this month", basedate), year=2010, month=9)
    assert_adatetime(d.date_from("this year", basedate), year=2010)

    assert_equal(d.date_from("now", basedate), basedate)

def test_plustime(rt=english.plusdate):
    assert_equal(rt.date_from("+1hr", basedate), basedate + timedelta(hours=1))
    assert_equal(rt.date_from("+5mins", basedate), basedate + timedelta(minutes=5))
    assert_equal(rt.date_from("+20s", basedate), basedate + timedelta(seconds=20))

    assert_equal(rt.date_from("- 2 h", basedate), basedate + timedelta(hours= -2))
    assert_equal(rt.date_from("- 25 minutes", basedate), basedate + timedelta(minutes= -25))
    assert_equal(rt.date_from("-400 secs", basedate), basedate + timedelta(seconds= -400))

    assert_equal(rt.date_from("+1hr 5m", basedate), basedate + timedelta(hours=1, minutes=5))
    assert_equal(rt.date_from("-8hr 12m", basedate), basedate + timedelta(hours= -8, minutes= -12))
    assert_equal(rt.date_from("+1hr 5s", basedate), basedate + timedelta(hours=1, seconds=5))
    assert_equal(rt.date_from("+1hr 12m 5s", basedate), basedate + timedelta(hours=1, minutes=12, seconds=5))
    assert_equal(rt.date_from("-1hr 5s", basedate), basedate + timedelta(hours= -1, seconds= -5))
    assert_equal(rt.date_from("-1hr 12m 5s", basedate), basedate + timedelta(hours= -1, minutes= -12, seconds= -5))

def test_relative_days():
    # "next monday" on monday
    assert_equal(relative_days(0, 0, 1), 7)
    # "last monday" on monday
    assert_equal(relative_days(0, 0, -1), -7)
    # "next tuesday" on wednesday
    assert_equal(relative_days(2, 1, 1), 6)
    # "last tuesday" on wednesay
    assert_equal(relative_days(2, 1, -1), -1)
    # "last monday" on sunday
    assert_equal(relative_days(6, 0, -1), -6)
    # "next monday" on sunday
    assert_equal(relative_days(6, 0, 1), 1)
    # "next wednesday" on tuesday
    assert_equal(relative_days(1, 2, 1), 1)
    # "last wednesday" on tuesday
    assert_equal(relative_days(1, 2, -1), -6)
    # "last wednesday" on thursday
    assert_equal(relative_days(3, 2, -1), -1)
    # "next wednesday" on thursday
    assert_equal(relative_days(3, 2, 1), 6)
    # "last wednesday" on tuesday
    assert_equal(relative_days(1, 2, -1), -6)
    # "next wednesday" on tuesday
    assert_equal(relative_days(1, 2, 1), 1)

def test_dayname(p=english.dayname):
    assert_adatetime(p.date_from("next tuesday", basedate), year=2010, month=9, day=21)
    assert_adatetime(p.date_from("last tuesday", basedate), year=2010, month=9, day=14)
    assert_adatetime(p.date_from("next sunday", basedate), year=2010, month=9, day=26)
    assert_adatetime(p.date_from("last sun", basedate), year=2010, month=9, day=19)
    assert_adatetime(p.date_from("next th", basedate), year=2010, month=9, day=23)

def test_reldate(p=english.plusdate):
    assert_equal(p.date_from("+1y", basedate), basedate + relativedelta(years=1))
    assert_equal(p.date_from("+2mo", basedate), basedate + relativedelta(months=2))
    assert_equal(p.date_from("+3w", basedate), basedate + relativedelta(weeks=3))
    assert_equal(p.date_from("+5d", basedate), basedate + relativedelta(days=5))
    assert_equal(p.date_from("+5days", basedate), basedate + relativedelta(days=5))

    assert_equal(p.date_from("-6yr", basedate), basedate + relativedelta(years= -6))
    assert_equal(p.date_from("- 7 mons", basedate), basedate + relativedelta(months= -7))
    assert_equal(p.date_from("-8 wks", basedate), basedate + relativedelta(weeks= -8))
    assert_equal(p.date_from("- 9 dy", basedate), basedate + relativedelta(days= -9))

    assert_equal(p.date_from("+1y 12mo 400d", basedate), basedate + relativedelta(years=1, months=12, days=400))
    assert_equal(p.date_from("-7mo 8d", basedate), basedate + relativedelta(months= -7, days= -8))
    assert_equal(p.date_from("+5wks 2d", basedate), basedate + relativedelta(weeks=5, days=2))
    assert_equal(p.date_from("-1y 1w", basedate), basedate + relativedelta(years= -1, weeks= -1))

    assert_equal(p.date_from("+1y 2d 5h 12s", basedate), basedate + relativedelta(years=1, days=2, hours=5, seconds=12))

def test_bundle_subs(p=english.bundle):

def test_bundle(p=english.bundle):
    assert_adatetime(p.date_from("mar 29 1972 2:45am", basedate),
                      year=1972, month=3, day=29, hour=2, minute=45)
    assert_adatetime(p.date_from("16:10:45 14 February 2005", basedate),
                      year=2005, month=2, day=14, hour=16, minute=10, second=45)
    assert_adatetime(p.date_from("1985 sept 12 12:01", basedate),
                      year=1985, month=9, day=12, hour=12, minute=1)
    assert_adatetime(p.date_from("5pm 21st oct 2005", basedate),
                      year=2005, month=10, day=21, hour=17)
    assert_adatetime(p.date_from("5:59:59pm next thur", basedate),
                      year=2010, month=9, day=23, hour=17, minute=59, second=59)

def test_ranges(p=english.torange):
    assert_timespan(p.date_from("last tuesday to next tuesday", basedate),
                         dict(year=2010, month=9, day=14),
                         dict(year=2010, month=9, day=21))
    assert_timespan(p.date_from("last monday to dec 25", basedate),
                         dict(year=2010, month=9, day=13),
                         dict(year=None, month=12, day=25))
    assert_timespan(p.date_from("oct 25 to feb 14", basedate),
                         dict(year=None, month=10, day=25),
                         dict(year=None, month=2, day=14))
    assert_timespan(p.date_from("3am oct 12 to 5pm", basedate),
                         dict(year=None, month=10, day=12, hour=3),
                         dict(year=None, month=None, day=None, hour=17))
    assert_timespan(p.date_from("3am feb 12 to 5pm today", basedate),
                         dict(year=None, month=2, day=12, hour=3),
                         dict(year=2010, month=9, day=20, hour=17))
    assert_timespan(p.date_from("feb to oct", basedate),
                         dict(year=None, month=2),
                         dict(year=None, month=10))
    assert_timespan(p.date_from("oct 25 2005 11am to 5pm tomorrow", basedate),
                         dict(year=2005, month=10, day=25, hour=11),
                         dict(year=2010, month=9, day=21, hour=17))
    assert_timespan(p.date_from("oct 5 2005 to november 20", basedate),
                         dict(year=2005, month=10, day=5),
                         dict(year=None, month=11, day=20))
    assert_timespan(p.date_from("2007 to 2010", basedate),
                         dict(year=2007, month=None, day=None),
                         dict(year=2010, month=None, day=None))
    assert_timespan(p.date_from("2007 to oct 12", basedate),
                         dict(year=2007, month=None, day=None),
                         dict(year=None, month=10, day=12))

    assert_datespan(p.date_from("-2d to +1w", basedate),
                         basedate + relativedelta(days= -2),
                         basedate + relativedelta(weeks=1))

def test_all():
    p = english.all

def test_final_dates(p=english):
    assert_unamb(p.date_from("5:10pm", basedate),
                      year=2010, month=9, day=20, hour=17, minute=10)

    assert p.date_from("may 32 2005", basedate) is None
    assert p.date_from("2005 may 32", basedate) is None
    assert p.date_from("2005-13-32", basedate) is None

def test_final_ranges(p=english):
    assert_unamb_span(p.date_from("feb to nov", basedate),
                           dict(year=2010, month=2),
                           dict(year=2010, month=11))

    # 2005 to 10 oct 2009 -> jan 1 2005 to oct 31 2009
    assert_unamb_span(p.date_from("2005 to 10 oct 2009", basedate),
                           dict(year=2009, month=10, day=10))

    # jan 12 to oct 10 2009 -> jan 12 2009 to oct 10 2009
    assert_unamb_span(p.date_from("jan 12 to oct 10 2009", basedate),
                           dict(year=2009, month=1, day=12),
                           dict(year=2009, month=10, day=10))

    # jan to oct 2009 -> jan 1 2009 to oct 31 2009
    assert_unamb_span(p.date_from("jan to oct 2009", basedate),
                           dict(year=2009, month=1),
                           dict(year=2009, month=10, day=31))

    # mar 2005 to oct -> mar 1 2005 to oct 31 basedate.year
    assert_unamb_span(p.date_from("mar 2005 to oct", basedate),
                           dict(year=2005, month=3),
                           dict(year=2010, month=10, day=31))

    # jan 10 to jan 25 -> jan 10 basedate.year to jan 25 basedate.year
    assert_unamb_span(p.date_from("jan 10 to jan 25", basedate),
                           dict(year=2010, month=1, day=10),
                           dict(year=2010, month=1, day=25))

    # jan 2005 to feb 2009 -> jan 1 2005 to feb 28 2009
    assert_unamb_span(p.date_from("jan 2005 to feb 2009", basedate),
                           dict(year=2005, month=1),
                           dict(year=2009, month=2))

    # jan 5000 to mar -> jan 1 5000 to mar 5000
    assert_unamb_span(p.date_from("jan 5000 to mar", basedate),
                           dict(year=5000, month=1),
                           dict(year=5000, month=3))

    # jun 5000 to jan -> jun 1 5000 to jan 31 5001
    assert_unamb_span(p.date_from("jun 5000 to jan", basedate),
                           dict(year=5000, month=6),
                           dict(year=5001, month=1))

    # oct 2010 to feb -> oct 1 2010 to feb 28 2011
    assert_unamb_span(p.date_from("oct 2010 to feb"),
                           dict(year=2010, month=10),
                           dict(year=2011, month=2))

    assert_unamb_span(p.date_from("5pm to 3am", basedate),
                           dict(year=2010, month=9, day=20, hour=17),
                           dict(year=2010, month=9, day=21, hour=3))

    assert_unamb_span(p.date_from("5am to 3 am tomorrow", basedate),
                           dict(year=2010, month=9, day=20, hour=5),
                           dict(year=2010, month=9, day=21, hour=3))

    assert_unamb_span(p.date_from("3am to 5 pm tomorrow", basedate),
                           dict(year=2010, month=9, day=21, hour=3),
                           dict(year=2010, month=9, day=21, hour=17))

    assert_unamb_span(p.date_from("-2hrs to +20min", basedate),
                           dict(year=2010, month=9, day=20, hour=13, minute=16, second=6, microsecond=454000),
                           dict(year=2010, month=9, day=20, hour=15, minute=36, second=6, microsecond=454000))

    # Swap
    assert_unamb_span(p.date_from("oct 25 2009 to feb 14 2008", basedate),
                           dict(year=2008, month=2, day=14),
                           dict(year=2009, month=10, day=25))

    assert_unamb_span(p.date_from("oct 25 5000 to tomorrow", basedate),
                           dict(year=2010, month=9, day=21),
                           dict(year=5000, month=10, day=25))