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Whoosh Use Cases

Read about other people / projects using whoosh.

If you are using whoosh, it would be nice if you would write up a little bit about your use case and your experiences with it. Just add another H2 at the end.

MoinMoin Wiki 2.0

Since Summer 2011 we are using whoosh in moin2 for:

  • all sorts of internal lookups / selects
  • the search that is available on the wiki user interface

We are quite happy with whoosh:

  • it is easy to use and well documented
  • it works well
  • speed is faster than expected

Thomas Waldmann, MoinMoin core developer


Since version 1.1 RhodeCode implemented full text search based on Whoosh. Currently it is used for:

  • searching inside file content
  • searching in commits by author, changed files or commit messages

Due to Whoosh being clean python code, we could implement some nice additions like smart reindexing that reindexes only changed files, a special Paginator for file context that uses chunks to display only relevant data within files of thousands of lines of code.

Whoosh is fun to work with, and very fast: searching the whole CPython repository on a mid class laptop takes a fraction of a second.

Marcin Kuzminski, RhodeCode creator and core developer