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first draft of release process

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+* work in progress, trying to document how releasing whoosh works
+* created in the hope to make the release process better and to avoid forgetting something
+= Creating a release =
+# switch to correct branch, e.g. {{{ hg up -C 2.4x }}}
+# check {{{ __version__ }}} in {{{ whoosh/ }}}
+** note: the version number should be already correct (see below)
+# check and update the {{{ docs/source/releases/*.rst }}}
+** list fixed issues
+** list new features
+# check for completeness:
+** new files? {{{ }}}
+** new code packages/modules? {{{ }}}
+# {{{ hg clone whoosh whoosh-rel }}}
+** touches all files so their mtime is current, this avoids trouble for people not using --force option with install
+** only stuff in the repo is in whoosh-rel dir, no other crap
+# {{{ cd whoosh-rel ; make dist }}}
+# Upload the .tar.gz and .zip release files to pypi
+# Tag the release, e.g.: {{{ hg tag -r 12345678abcd -m "Added tag 2.4.2 for changeset 12345678abcd" 2.4.2 }}}
+# Update {{{ __version__ }}} in {{{ whoosh/ }}} so that the current repo code has a higher version number than the current release.
+# {{{ hg commit -m "Bumping version number." }}}
+# Update by using: {{{ python register }}}
+# Announcements: 
+** whoosh mailing list
+** (add more?)
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