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-== Welcome ==
+== About Whoosh ==
-I'm just trying out BitBucket... **this is not the official Whoosh repository**. Any code in here is almost certainly out of date. See [[|the official Whoosh Trac]].
+Whoosh is a fast, featureful full-text indexing and searching library
+implemented in pure Python. Programmers can use it to easily add search
+functionality to their applications and websites. Every part of how Whoosh
+works can be extended or replaced to meet your needs exactly.
-=== Syntax highlighting ===
+Some of Whoosh's features include:
-You can also highlight snippets of text, we use the excellent [[|Pygments]] library.
+* Pythonic API.
+* Pure-Python. No compilation or binary packages needed, no mysterious crashes.
+* Fielded indexing and search.
+* Fast indexing and retrieval -- faster than any other pure-Python, scoring,
+  full-text search solution I know of.
+* Pluggable scoring algorithm (including BM25F), text analysis, storage,
+  posting format, etc.
+* Powerful query language parsed by pyparsing.
+* Pure Python spell-checker (as far as I know, the only one). 
-Here's an example of some Python code:
+Whoosh might be useful in the following circumstances:
+* Anywhere a pure-Python solution is desirable to avoid having to build/compile
+  native libraries (or force users to build/compile them).
+* As a research platform (at least for programmers that find Python easier to
+  read and work with than Java ;)
+* When an easy-to-use Pythonic interface is more important to you than raw
+  speed. 
+Whoosh was created and is maintained by Matt Chaput. It was originally created
+for use in the online help system of Side Effects Software's 3D animation
+software Houdini. Side Effects Software Inc. graciously agreed to open-source
+the code.
+== Learning more ==
+* Read the [[|online documentation]]
+* Join the [[|Whoosh mailing list]]
+== License ==
+This software is licensed under the terms of the Apache License version 2.
+See [[|LICENSE.txt]]
+for information.
+== Installing Whoosh ==
+If you have ``setuptools`` or ``pip`` installed, you can use ``easy_install``
+or ``pip`` to download and install Whoosh automatically::
+	$ easy_install Whoosh
+	or
+	$ pip install Whoosh
+== Getting the source ==
+Download source releases from PyPI at
+You can check out the latest version of the source code using Mercurial:
-def wiki_rocks(text):
-	formatter = lambda t: "funky"+t
-	return formatter(text)
-You can check out the source of this page to see how that's done, and make sure to bookmark [[|the vast library of Pygment lexers]], we accept the 'short name' or the 'mimetype' of anything in there.
-Have fun!
+hg clone