Stephen McKamey committed 64c3628

- replacing temporary code

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 	protected Object getProperty(Object data, Object property) {
 		if (data == null || property == null) {
-			// technically "undefined" or error
+			// technically "undefined" or error if data is null
 			return null;


 	private void writePropertyReference(Appendable output, CodePropertyReferenceExpression expression)
 		throws IOException {
-		output.append("this.getProperty(");
-		this.writeExpression(output, expression.getTarget());
-		output.append(", ");
-		this.writeExpression(output, expression.getPropertyName());
-		output.append(')');
+		// translate into dynamic helper method call
+		this.writeExpression(
+			output,
+			new CodeMethodInvokeExpression(
+				expression.getResultType(),
+				new CodeThisReferenceExpression(),
+				"getProperty",
+				expression.getTarget(),
+				expression.getPropertyName()));
 	private void writeBinaryOperator(Appendable output, CodeBinaryOperatorExpression expression)
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