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-= DUEL Examples =
+= DUEL Examples =
 === Example View ===
-= [[|{{duel.png|DUEL}}]]\\\\//The ‘ V ’ in MVC…// =
+= [[|{{duel.png|DUEL}}]]\\\\//The ‘ V ’ in MVC…// =
 DUEL is a **[[|dual-side templating]] engine** using **HTML for layout** and **100% pure JavaScript as the binding language**. The same views may be executed //both// directly in the browser (client-side template) //and// on the server (server-side template).
-= DUEL Syntax =
+= DUEL Syntax =
 The DUEL grammar is an intentionally small, familiar syntax. Each term is intended to be intuitive to remember and is short without abbreviations. DUEL views are defined as HTML/CSS/JavaScript with a small set of special markup tags to control flow and JavaScript code blocks to bind the view template to model data.
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