WAR Bootstrap



# generate a new WAR bootstrap
mvn archetype:generate \
    -DarchetypeGroupId=org.duelengine \
    -DarchetypeArtifactId=war-bootstrap-archetype \

# build your boostrap
# NOTE: replace "bootstrap" with your chosen project name
cd bootstrap; mvn package; cd ..

# run the resulting WAR on the test bootstrap
# NOTE: again replace with your chosen artifact names
java -jar bootstrap/target/bootstrap.jar -p 8080 --tomcat \
    -war /=path/to/root.war \
    -war /myapp=path/to/myapp.war

JSP in Tomcat

If you want to support JSP within Tomcat, uncomment the org.apache.tomcat.embed:tomcat-embed-jasper dependency (it is commented out by default). Otherwise, it will load a lighter set of resources.

Glassfish 3.1

There is a conflict between the classes in embedded Glassfish and embedded Tomcat. As a result, the pom.xml needs to be modified to include/exclude the dependencies for one or the other. Currently, this defaults to Tomcat.

NOTE: there seems to be an issue with the Glassfish configuration as it isn't correctly loading anymore.

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