Exodus Project

This is the source code repository associated with the Exodus Project, a compilation of graphical and music upgrades for the following games in the Ultima series:

  • Ultima II - Revenge of the Enchantress
  • Ultima III - Exodus
  • Ultima V - Warriors of Destiny

Detailed Features

  • Ultima 2
    • 16-color EGA graphics upgrade
    • new restore/exit/menu hotkeys
    • frame limiter
    • ability to turn off autosave
    • lower-case text (yes, really!)
    • save game allowed on mounts and on planets
    • bundles speed fix / galactic map fix
    • other bugfixes
  • Ultima 3
    • 256-color VGA graphics upgrade
    • 16-color EGA graphics upgrade
    • 16-color CGA Composite mode simulation
    • enhanced musical score from the Apple II version
    • new restore/exit/menu hotkeys
    • frame limiter
    • ability to turn off autosave
    • other gameplay/balance fixes
    • timed PC speaker sound effects
  • Ultima 5
    • enhanced musical score from the Apple II version
    • music during introduction, character creation, and endgame
    • ability to exit the game from the menu or the endgame

For more details, see the website

Where do I get these games today?

You can buy them for real cheap and DRM-free on These upgrades will work with the versions provided by GOG.

What about Ultima 4?

Ultima IV - Quest of the Avatar is not included in this project because it was already upgraded by other people:

  • The Ultima IV Upgrade Project was created by Aradindae Dragon and Wiltshire Dragon. It was actually one of the sources of inspiration for the Exodus Project.
  • Additionally, the xu4 engine by Time Machine Dragon is another fantastic way to run Ultima IV natively on many platforms and without the need for Dosbox.

However, I did make alternative versions of the musical arrangements that can be plugged into both u4up and xu4, all available under downloads.

What about Ultima 1?

Originally this project aimed to provide only EGA upgrades and music from the Apple II version. Now that I've made a foray into VGA upgrades -and- it's been discovered that the Apple IIgs version of Ultima 1 has music, that's something I may consider getting to in the future. But since this is on my own time and for free I'm certainly not offering any guarantees.

Setting Up

I have detailed instructions on the wiki here on how to set up the build environment.

Project Owner