# Exodus Project # This is the source code repository associated with the [Exodus Project](, a compilation of graphical and music upgrades for the following games in the Ultima series: * Ultima II - Revenge of the Enchantress * Ultima III - Exodus * Ultima V - Warriors of Destiny ### Detailed Features ### * Ultima 2 * 16-color EGA graphics upgrade * new restore/exit/menu hotkeys * frame limiter * ability to turn off autosave * lower-case text (yes, really!) * save game allowed on mounts and on planets * bundles speed fix / galactic map fix * other bugfixes * Ultima 3 * 256-color VGA graphics upgrade * 16-color EGA graphics upgrade * 16-color CGA Composite mode simulation * enhanced musical score from the Apple II version * new restore/exit/menu hotkeys * frame limiter * ability to turn off autosave * other gameplay/balance fixes * timed PC speaker sound effects * Ultima 5 * enhanced musical score from the Apple II version * music during introduction, character creation, and endgame * ability to exit the game from the menu or the endgame For more details, see the [website]( ### Where do I get these games today? ### You can buy them for real cheap and DRM-free on []( These upgrades will work with the versions provided by GOG. ### What about Ultima 4? ### Ultima IV - Quest of the Avatar is not included in this project because it was already upgraded by other people: * The [Ultima IV Upgrade Project]( was created by Aradindae Dragon and Wiltshire Dragon. It was actually one of the sources of inspiration for the Exodus Project. * Additionally, the [xu4]( engine by Time Machine Dragon is another fantastic way to run Ultima IV natively on many platforms and without the need for Dosbox. However, I did make alternative versions of the musical arrangements that can be plugged into both u4up and xu4, all available under [downloads]( ### What about Ultima 1? ### Originally this project aimed to provide only EGA upgrades and music from the Apple II version. Now that I've made a foray into VGA upgrades -and- it's been discovered that the Apple IIgs version of Ultima 1 has music, that's something I may consider getting to in the future. But since this is on my own time and for free I'm certainly not offering any guarantees. ### Setting Up ### I have detailed instructions on the wiki [here]( on how to set up the build environment. ### Project Owner ### * [Michael C. Maggio]( (aka Voyager Dragon)