Just my site / portfolio / dump.


Beyond the javascript listed in the credits, which is bundled, I'm using the following npm packages for deployment:

Everything can be installed with e.g. sudo npm install -g <packagename>.


Continuous deployment to aerobatic is set up with Bitbucket pipelines. If this is not working, then:

  1. Minify / compile / consolidate assets with make. This should populate the directory public with the relevant files.
  2. Set the environment variable AEROBATIC_API_KEY (run aero apikey to get it).
  3. Run aero deploy.


  • public/files contains things which are not in src, like pdfs, images, etc.

  • All bitmaps have been compressed using guetzli (for jpegs) and zopflipng (for pngs), resulting in file sizes ranging from 80% down to 60% of the previous ones.

  • SVGs have been optimized with svgo.

  • Lazy Load XT: use the data-src attribute and don't forget the noscript trick to always display images in browsers without javascript.

  • jqmath implements a very small subset of LaTeX. In particular greek letters have to be input in unicode (e.g. α instead of \alpha).

  • The webfont is a stripped down version of Font Awesome done with fontello. The config is in src/fonts/fontello-config.json. NOTE that the generated CSS uses the relative path of the package, i.e. ../font/blah, whereas I'm using ../font*s*/blah. Don't blindly overwrite fa-mini.css. Instead copy the new icons and fix the paths as indicated in src/css/fa-mini.css

To do

  • Use a staging branch.
  • Reduce the size of the biggest SVGs, e.g. cmusml.svg (too many points in top-right subplot).
  • Automate font generation with fontello API. Careful with overwriting local changes (see above).


  • Original site template: HTML5 UP, | @n33co | CCA 3.0 license
  • Demo images by Unsplash
  • Webfont generated by, based on Font Awesome.
  • Javascript libraries:
    • jQuery v1.11.3 | (c) 2005, 2015 jQuery Foundation, Inc. (
    • html5shiv.js (@afarkas @jdalton @jon_neal @rem)
    • CSS3 Pie (
    • Respond.js (
    • tipsy version 1.0.0a (c) 2008-2010 jason frame [] | MIT license
    • skel.js v3.0.0 | (c) n33 | | MIT license
    • Lazy Load XT 1.1.0. | MIT license
    • jqmath 0.4.3. | (c) 2015, Mathscribe, Inc. | MIT license


This site and its contents are licensed under CC BY unless otherwise specified or previously licensed.