1. Michael Droettboom
  2. vcprompt


vcprompt / tests / setup-git


# Setup the test git repository that will be used by test-git.
# Output is git-repo.tar, which can be unpacked for each test -- that
# way tests can modify the repo and/or working dir without harming
# other tests.

. ./common.sh

check_available "git --version " "git version"
set -ex
cd `dirname $0`
rm -rf git-repo
git init git-repo
cd git-repo

# two files tracked by git
echo a > a
echo b > b
git add -A
git commit -m"add a, b"

# uncommitted change to b
echo foo >> b

# some ignored files
echo "*.o" > .git/info/exclude
touch a.o

# an unknown file ("other" in git-speak)
touch junk

cd ..
tar -cf git-repo.tar git-repo
rm -rf git-repo