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documenting the testing strategy

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+In order to run the plugin tests, run:
+    python ENV --no-site-packages
+    ENV/bin/nosetests
+The test directory is structured like this:
+  +-tests/  
+    +-diffs/
+    | +-<canonical diffs for testing>
+    |
+    +-repo_tars/
+    | +-<tar files containing testing repositories>
+    |
+    +-repos/ (generated by test runner)
+    | +-<expanded repo tars>
+    |
+    +-scripts/
+    | +-<scripts that were used to create the diffs and repo tars>
+    |
+    +-<python scripts for unit and integration tests>
+There is a package-level setup function in mercurial_reviewboard.tests.__init__
+that will automatically recreate the repos directory for every test run.
+Some tests use the diffs/ and repos/ data to exercise various aspects of the
+tool.  When creating a new diff or repo for testing, place a shell script in the 
+scripts directory with the appropriate logic and commit the script and 
+the resulting diff or repo tar.
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