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mdewildt  committed 4d4cb89

fixed int to str and encoding errors

- find_reviewboard_repo_id: convert to int was removed when getting the repo id from hgrc
- _encode_multipart_formdata: remove all non ASCII chars before postin

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File mercurial_reviewboard/__init__.py

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     if opts.get('repoid'):
         return opts.get('repoid')
     elif ui.config('reviewboard','repoid'):
-        return int(ui.config('reviewboard','repoid'))
+        return ui.config('reviewboard','repoid')
         repositories = reviewboard.repositories()

File mercurial_reviewboard/reviewboard.py

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         content_type = "multipart/form-data; boundary=%s" % BOUNDARY
-        return content_type, content
+        return content_type, unicode(content, errors='ignore')
 class ApiClient:
     def __init__(self, httpclient):