Gilles Moris committed d14d1ee

Defaults to the parent of the working directory if no revision is given.

The previous behaviour was using tip.
So if you updated to a revision and used 'hg postreview', a completely different revision than the currently checked out rev could be sent, which is rather counter intuitive.

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 from reviewboard import ReviewBoard, ReviewBoardError
-def postreview(ui, repo, rev='tip', **opts):
+def postreview(ui, repo, rev='.', **opts):
     '''post a changeset to a Review Board server
 This command creates a new review request on a Review Board server, or updates
 an existing review request, based on a changeset in the repository. If no
-revision number is specified the tip revision is used.
+revision number is specified the parent revision of the working directory is
 By default, the diff uploaded to the server is based on the parent of the
 revision to be reviewed. A different parent may be specified using the