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Issue #20 new

Getting error "abort: No module named simplejson!"

Ahmed Chaudhary
created an issue

When I try to post a review from the command line I get the following error

"abort: No module named simplejson!"

posting the reivew with TortoiseHg hangs

I am using

Windows 7 64-bit TortoiseHg version 2.1.1+93-cd817ed0b658 with Mercurial-1.9+35-56848e2bb0c5, Python-2.6.6, PyQt-4.8.3, Qt-4.7.1

Comments (3)

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks. I can now post a review via the command line with this fix.

    However, I still cannot post a review using TortoiseHG.

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