1. Dan Buch
  2. MoinPost


What is MoinPost?

The script for posting random stuff as wiki pages, more or less.


Supply a local file and wiki destination to post to said wiki. The -c config option may be passed if using a config file other than ~/.moinpostrc.

One's ~/.moinpostrc file should be in 'config' or 'ini' format with individual wikis defined in sections like this:

login = <your-wiki-name>:<your-wiki-password>

The only two keywords here are the word 'wiki' in the section header, and the word 'login' as the option key.

EXAMPLE ~/.moinpostrc:

login = WikiNameThatsMine:eJzzrQw3zDYMMDEtLjcoSgEAIZwElA==


The password may be stored in clear text, but moinpost will first attempt to base64 and zlib decode the password string, so you should consider storing it in such an encoding (super minimal security, yes.) e.g. in Python:

>>> "MyW1k1P45sw0rd".encode('zlib').encode('base64').strip()