Welcome to Phuptile's documentation!

Why Phuptile?

I got really tired really quickly trying to get a sandboxed version of a PHP site up and running with lighttpd. I'd used wphp in the past and liked the idea, so here's my attempt at solving the problem.

The name is (in my mind, at least) the sound made when pronouncing "PHP" plus the word "reptile" (get it? ... pythons are reptiles ...) Sorry about that.


All development is done with Mercurial and hosted on bitbucket. Feel free to clone away, make improvements and submit a pull request and I'll (probably) be more than happy to merge in your changes.

hg clone https://bitbucket.org/meatballhat/phuptile/

Phuptile Usage

Phuptile can either be initialized directly as a WSGI app or served via PasteScript with the paster command and an .ini file.

direct usage

via PasteScript

given a properly formatted '.ini' file:

along with a document root with '.php' files and an optional env overrides file, invoke the paster script like so:

paster serve <path-to-ini-file>