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== About ==

Semantic Maps is an extension that adds semantic capabilities to the Maps extension. This
includes the ability to add, edit, aggregate and visualize coordinate data stored through
the Semantic MediaWiki extension.

Since Semantic Maps uses the Maps API, you can use multiple mapping services. These include
Google Maps (with Google Earth support), Yahoo! Maps, OpenLayers and OpenStreetMap.

Both Semantic Maps and Maps are based on Semantic Google Maps and Semantic Layers, and are
meant to replace these extensions. Having Semantic MediaWiki and Maps installed is a
prerequisite for the Semantic Maps extension; the code will not work without it.

Notes on installing Semantic Maps are found in the file INSTALL.

== Contributing ==

If you have bug reports or requests, please add them to the Talk page [0]. You can also
send them to Jeroen De Dauw, jeroendedauw -at-, and Yaron Koren, at yaron57 -at-


For more info, see