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  1. Matthias Lemmer
  • sync
  • sync
  • add ausit trail config directive

    • add persistence class AuditTrail
  • add auditTrail check method to Token.java

  • add remote IP Address tracking and allocation by token ID

    • refactor AuditTrail constructor
  • add audit trail persistence for editPatient

    • add audit trail persistence for newIDRequest
    • override toString() where missing
  • refactor buildAuditTrail()

  • refactor toString() methods to return JSON compatible Strings where it makes sense (Patient, CompoundField)
  • refactor buildAuditTrail() to take only Strings for decoupling

    • add Persistor.createAuditTrail()
    • implement audit trail for readPatient
  • refactor mainzelliste.conf.default

  • implement reasonForChange
  • edit config
  • fix NPE bug in PatientBackend when AuditTrail was created even if inactive
  • moved apiKey checking block to top, so it must be provided with every request. Otherwise an attacker could gain privileges by hijacking session/spoofing remote IP of a privileged system
  • README.md deleted online with Bitbucket
  • re-add readme
  • README.md deleted online with Bitbucket
  • README.md created online with Bitbucket
  • implement AuditTrail JSP view components

    • refactor AuditTrail implementation
  • added IDE and environment specific files to ignore list files

  • ignore netbeans IDE file
  • delete netbeans IDE file
  • Commit status

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