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 Summary:        Desktop full text search tool with Qt GUI
 Name:           recoll
-Version:        3151
+Version:        1.19.5
 Release:        1%{?dist}
 Group:          Applications/Databases
 License:        GPLv2+
-* Sat Dec 29 2012 J.F. Dockes <> - 3149 1.19.0 snap
+* Wed Jun 19 2013 J.F. Dockes <> - 1.19.5
+- Update to 1.19.5
+* Mon Apr 29 2013 J.F. Dockes <> - 3302 1.19 snap
 - Snapshot for packaging tests
 * Thu May 17 2012 J.F. Dockes <> - 1.17.2-1
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