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Issue #67 resolved

Recoll indexes skipped paths containing wildcards

Anonymous created an issue

/.wine/dosdevices/ doesn't exclude /media/Backup/native/xxx/.wine/dosdevices/ /media/Backup//.wine/dosdevices/ doesn't work either

Comments (2)

  1. medoc repo owner

    For better or worse, the patterns in the skippedPaths variable are matched using fnmatch(3) with the FNM_PATHNAME flag (and FNM_LEADING_DIR), which means that '/' characters must be matched explicitely.

    This means in practise that there is currently no way to say "skip [.wine/dosdevices] anywhere"

    Using FNM_PATHNAME was probably a bad idea, but I can't really change it now. The only workaround I can think of would be to either add "dosdevices" to skippedNames, possibly only in certain subtrees. I do agree that this is not equivalent.

    I'll add a configuration variable to the next release in order to allow adjusting the flags used for matching the skippedPaths (the default value will be the current one). I am also going to document the current behaviour (this is more a documentation bug actually).

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