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Issue #86 resolved

Unity lense uses existing shortcus

created an issue

On 11.10 (on 12.04 also, I am told), the ppa package install file /usr/share/unity/lenses/recoll/recoll.lens that has a line


This specifies that super+a opens recoller lense. However, it opens the applications lense since that also uses Shortcut=a. I guess this came into being by copying that file from application lense:-). I suggest recoller uses r or nothing (i have set it up manually to r).

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  1. medoc repo owner

    Thanks for the info, but I think that it's a bad idea for any non-standard non-system application to claim a global shortcut. Having one initially was just a consequence of recklessly copying a lens file.

    For additional apps, it's better to let users choose the shortcuts, otherwise, absent a registration procedure, conflicts are inevitable.


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