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      <h1><a href="">Recoll</a> is
	a text search tool for Unix and Linux desktops.</h1>

      <p><span class="application">Recoll</span> finds keywords
        inside documents as well as file names.</p>
        <li>It can search
          any <a href="features.html#doctypes">document format</a>.</li> 
        <li>It can reach any storage place: files, 
          archive members, email attachments, transparently
          handling decompression.</li>
        <li>One click will open the document inside a native editor or
          display an even quicker text preview.</li>
        <li>The software is free, open source,
	  and licensed under the GPL.</li>
        <li><a href="features.html">Detailed features</a>.
      <p>The current <span class="application">Recoll</span> version is
	<a href="download.html">1.18.1</a> 
	(<a href="release-1.18.html">Release notes</a>).</p>

      <p><span class="application">Recoll</span> is based on the very
        strong <a href="">Xapian</a> search
        engine library, for which it provides a powerful text
	extraction layer and a complete, yet easy to use, Qt graphical

      <p class="remark">Recoll will index an <b>MS-Word</b> document
      stored as an <b>attachment</b> to an <b>e-mail message</b> inside
	  a <b>Thunderbird folder</b> archived in a <b>Zip file</b>
	  (and more...). It will also help you search for it with a
	  friendly and powerful interface, and let you open a copy of
	  the file with a single mouse click. There is little that
	  will remain hidden on your disk.
        <a class="important" href="features.html">More details &hellip;</a></p>

      <p>If you have problems with Recoll, <a href="doc.html">
        documentation</a> and <a href="support.html">
        support</a> are available.</p> 

      <p><b><i>Recoll user ?</i></b> Maybe there are still a few useful
      	  search tricks that you don't know about. A quick look at
	the <a href="usermanual/">search
	tips</a> might prove useful ! Also the 
        <a href="">
          Faqs and Howtos</a> on, and some contributed
          <a href="custom.html">result list formats</a>.</p>

      <div class="news">
        <dt>2012-11-05</dt><dd>Recoll 1.18.1 is out. It has optional
          character case and diacritics 
          sensitivity, direct access to the hit page when opening PDF
          files, complex search history, and a host of other smaller
          improvements. See the <a href="release-1.18.html">release
          <span class="important">Those of you not using <b>evince</b>
          as a PDF/Postscript/DVI viewer may be surprised to see the
          recoll GUI try to use this viewer anyway.</span>This is because
            some of the new functions in 1.18 work better
            with <b>evince</b>, but you can override the choice by
            going to the GUI preferences, and removing
            application/pdf, application/postscript and
            application/dvi from the <tt>Exceptions</tt> list.

        <dt>2012-10-30</dt> <dd>Recoll has a brand new Firefox extension for
          indexing visited Web pages. This is very similar to the old
          Beagle plugin, but slightly better integrated (no-fuss
          installation), and with a new lease on life. See
          <a href="">
            Dave King's project page on sourceforge</a> and the
          <a href="">
            page about Recoll (trivial) configuration</a>.</dd>

        <dt>2012-10-30</dt> <dd>The source for <a href="recoll-1.18.003.tar.gz">
            recoll 1.18.003</a> is available, and this is a call to
            volunteers to test it. There are binary packages on the recoll
            "experimental" PPA for Ubuntu and Mint Linux users, and I can
            build others. See this
     <a href="">
            message</a> for more information. Mini-release 003 fixes a GUI
            crash and a few other issues in 002.</dd>

        <dt>2012-10-25</dt> <dd>A problem with a simple workaround has caused
          several reported <span class="important">recollindex
          crashes</span> recently (for 1.17). If you store and index
          Mozilla/Thunderbird email out of the standard location
          (~/.thunderbird), you should add the following at the end of
          your configuration file (e.g.:
          ~/.recoll/recoll.conf): <pre><tt>
              mhmboxquirks = tbird
          </tt></pre> Adjust the path to your local value of course...
          Without this hint, recollindex has trouble finding the
          message delimiters inside the folder files, and will
          possibly use all the computer's memory and crash. Apart from
          crashes, which only occur for very big folders, this also
          causes incorrect mail indexing.

        <dt>2012-10-16</dt><dd> <a href="filters/filters.html">new filter for
            EPUB documents</a>.</dd>

          <a href="">easy
                 way</a> to extend the "Beagle queue"
         Recoll web history indexing mechanism to other browsers than
         Firefox (Elinks in this case).

        <dt>2012-09-13</dt> <dd>The next Recoll version will
          acquire switchable 
          case and diacritics sensitivity. I am writing 
          a few pages about the
          issues involved, they are referenced from my  
          <a href="">
            google+</a> profile</dd>

        <dt>2012-09-11</dt> <dd>A new user-contributed script for those who use
          real-time indexing on laptops: stop or start indexing
          according to AC power status. See the details on
          the <a href="">
            Wiki</a>. </dd>

        <dt>2012-06-19</dt> <dd>Update info. If you are not running
          Recoll 1.17.3, you probably should. 1.17.2 and older versions
          have a bug which 
          can cause a crash of the indexing process while processing email,
          under relatively common conditions.<br>
          Also, if you are already running 1.17.3, you may want to install
          the updated open/libre-office filter described just below.</dd>

        <dt>2012-06-01</dt> <dd>An
          updated <a href="filters/filters.html">filter</a> for the 
          OpenDocument format will properly handle exported Google Docs

        <dt>2012-05-25</dt> <dd>A
          new <a href="filters/filters.html">filter</a> for indexing 
          tar archives.</dd>

        <dt>2012-04-07</dt><dd>We now have a Chinese user manual:
        <a href="">

        <dt>2012-03-27</dt> <dd>Recoll gets a Ubuntu Unity Lens. If
        you are running
          an Ubuntu release where this makes sense, you can install
          the recoll-lens package from the 
          <a href="">
            Recoll PPA</a>. The Lens uses the Recoll GUI as a proxy to
          extract and display embedded documents, which native utilities
          can't reach directly. And of course you still need to run
          the GUI (or the command line recollindex) to get the indexing
          going !</dd>

      <p>Recoll borrows a lot of code
	from other packages, and welcomes code and ideas from
	contributors, see some of the 
	<a class="important" href="credits.html">Credits</a>.</p>

      <h2>On the side</h2>

      <div class="news">
        <p>We rent <a href="">
	    a big country house</a> in the Aude area, in the south of
	  France (<a href="">see
	    map on the site</a>). If you are
	  looking for a wonderful country place with a pool to
	  spend holidays with a big bunch of family and/or
          friends in a nice historical but very quiet area, this may be it.</p>

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