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Indexing Web history with the Firefox extension

Note: this document is valid for Recoll versions from 1.18.

The Recoll Firefox extension works together with Recoll to index the Web pages that you visit. The extension is based on an older one which was initially written for the Beagle indexer.

The extension works by copying the data for the visited pages to a queue directory (~/.recollweb/ToIndex by default), from which they are indexed and removed by Recoll, and then stored in a local cache.

The extension is now hosted on the Mozilla add-ons site, so you can install it very simply in Firefox: Recoll Firefox add-on page.

This feature can be enabled in the Recoll GUI index configuration panel (Web history section), or by editing the configuration file (set processwebqueue to 1).

Please remember that Recoll only stores a limited amount of cached web data (adjustable from the GUI Index Configuration section), and that old pages will be purged from the index. Pages that you want to archive permanently need to be saved elsewhere, as they will otherwise eventually disappear from the Recoll results.

Recoll will index .maff files, which may be a better choice for archival usage.