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Recoll Wiki file index

Extending the Recoll Firefox visited web page indexing mechanism to other browsers

Faqs and Howtos

Recoll input filters

Installing a filter for a new document type

Filtering out Zip archive members

Generating a custom field and using it to sort results

Welcome to the Recoll Wiki

Recoll hotkey: starting / hiding recoll with a keyboard shortcut

Indexing arbitrary mail headers

Indexing Mozilla calendar data

Laptops: automatically starting or stopping indexing according to AC power status

Indexing Outlook archives

Indexing Web history with the Firefox extension

Creating and using multiple indexes

Interfacing Recoll and Mutt

Unix and non-ASCII file names, a summary of issues

Starting native applications

Preventing indexing in a directory

Gathering useful data for asking help about or reporting a Recoll issue

Starting native applications

Querying Recoll from a C program

Replacing the Category filter controls

Result list thumbnails and how to create them

User configuration backup

Building and Installing the Ubuntu Unity Recoll Lens

Using the Open With context menu in recoll 1.20 and newe

Using the log file to investigate indexing issues

XDG: Tidying Recoll data storage

Character case and diacritic marks (1), issues with stemming

Character case and diacritic marks (2), user interface

Character case and diacritic marks (3), implementation

Recoll GUI keyboard navigation