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 #include "charsetdetect.h"
 #include "stdio.h"
-#define BUFFER_SIZE 128
+#define BUFFER_SIZE 100*1024
 int main(int argc, const char * argv[]) {
     csd_t csd = csd_open();
 	    // Already have enough data
+	// Only send one buffer actually, for testing
+	break;
     const char *result = csd_close(csd);
 for lang in ??
     urescode="`echo $rescode | tr a-z A-Z`"
     if test X"$ucode" != X"$urescode"; then
-       echo "Error: $lang $ucode  -> $urescode"
+       echo "Error: $lang $ucode  -> $urescode file $testfile"
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