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Utf8: first coding error is fatal, stop processing (was not handled at all previously. A few random happy sequences, and UTF-8 was detected. Happened for example with TIS-620 for some reason

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   nsSMState codingState;
+  if (mState == eNotMe)
+    return eNotMe;
   for (PRUint32 i = 0; i < aLen; i++)
     codingState = mCodingSM->NextState(aBuf[i]);
       if (mCodingSM->GetCurrentCharLen() >= 2)
+    else if (codingState == eError)
+    {
+      return mState = eNotMe;
+    }
   if (mState == eDetecting)
 float nsUTF8Prober::GetConfidence(void)
+  if (mState == eNotMe)
+    return 0.001;
   float unlike = (float)0.99;
   if (mNumOfMBChar < 6)
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