uchardet-enhanced / langstats / README.txt

Programs and data to determine the bigrams frequencies for extending
mozilla libcharsetdetect to other languages (for the "Two-Char Sequence
Distribution Method")

 - Choose langage charset pair (ie: french/cp1252)

 - Assemble a big chunk of text in the appropriate language and charset
   (fetch from ebooks, wikipedia, whatever, use iconv as needed)

 - Produce character frequency table by running charstats on the chunk, as:
   mkcharstats french/french_cp1252.txt | sort -nr +2 > \

 - Edit the resulting file, get rid of punctuation and numbers keep the rest

 - Run to produce the c++ language model. There are two
   phases, to produce a correspondance table from code point to order in
   frequency list, then a 64x64 table listing the pair frequencies for the
   64 most common characters: french/charstats_french_cp1252.txt \
                  french/french_cp1252.txt             > LangFrenchModel.cpp

 - Add header, license etc. to cpp file and integrate with the rest of the