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  2. unity-scope-recoll



Recoll Unity scope Daemon written in Python

Depends on python-recoll

Trying out the scope

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:recoll-backports/recoll-1.15-on
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install unity-scope-recoll

Of course you need to run the indexer at least once, from the Qt Recoll GUI or the command line, before you can get any results from the scope.

You should then be able to search the Recoll index by prefixing your query with 'recoll:' (without the quotes), or using "Filter Results"->"Sources".

Call to volunteers:

I have separated the Scope code from the main Recoll repository because the Scope only depends on the external Python API, and in the hope that it may encourage people to contribute. The code in there depends very little on Recoll (a few calls), it's mostly interface for the Unity desktop and the Dash.

It seems that the Scopes API will change *again* with Unity 8. I would really like to find someone interested in the Ubuntu desktop internals, who could take up the new version as an educational project.