The django shpaml template loader uses the official python shpaml implementation which can be found at

Note: the shpaml implementation from the above link is included for your convenience

== Installation ==

Copy the "shpaml_loader" directory into your python path or run python install.

== Use ==

The loader wraps existing django template loaders, so any django template loader can be used to load shpaml templates.

  • Template Loaders -

    I am using filesystem, eggs, and app_directories for examples here but you can use any template loader provided by django

    FOR DJANGO 1.2+
    • shpaml_loader.filesystem
    • shpaml_loader.eggs
    • shpaml_loader.app_directories
    FOR DJANGO 1.1 and earlier:
    • shpaml_loader.filesystem_load_template_source
    • shpaml_loader.eggs_load_template_source
    • shpaml_loader.app_directories_load_template_source
  • Setup -

    Pick one of the template loaders and add it to your TEMPLATE_LOADERS setting in the file like so:


    # Using the django 1.2+ method in this example 'shpaml_loader.filesystem',



  • How Templates Are Located -

    There is a shpaml template loader for each built-in django template loader. The templates are located using the django template loader but pre-processed to convert the shpaml markup to HTML before being returned.