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-# A Bountiful Harvest
-## Discover your creative rythm through practical observations & exercises
+# Creativity in The Material World
+## Discover your creative rhythm
-The creative process can seem mysterious, even elusive. 
+This talk was given at Charlotte UX Monday Aug 12. 
+We had a great crowd, lots of questions and interaction. Fantastic!
+Please follow me here on github: [melindavoo](http://github.com/melindavoo) or tweets @melindavoo
+Please provide feedback as an issue in this repo including questions, challenges, or ideas. 
+I'd love to hear from you. 

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+## Build Your Days Around Creativity
+### It's an experiment. Try it. 
+Remember to keep notes and share (I use Day One & Evernote)
+## Research Day 1 (example: Thursday)
+Thursdays and Fridays tend to work well for research or study, immersing yourself in domain knowledge.
+Before You Begin
+* Mentally divide your day in half before you arrive
+* The first part of your day you'll immerse, research, study
+* Save admin, email, and other tasks for the last half
+When You Arrive
+* Sketch or write an encapsulating statement for your desired outcome
+* Either plan what research buckets you want to dive into, or just jump in and let it lead you
+* Set a pomodoro timer when you begin for 25 minutes
+* After each session take a short or long break
+* Stop whenever it makes sense to stop -- like when you don't think you can absorb any more for that day
+That evening
+* Follow your normal routine in the evening
+* Find a binaural beats app or file (search "pure binaural" on YouTube. There are also some apps in the iTunes store)
+* Have a beer or take some wine (if you wish)
+* Find a quiet spot — you can do this at bedtime or if you tend to wake up in the night that's a good time to try it
+* Throw on the headphones and try this breathing technique while the beats do their work:
+Meditation Exercise
+* Eyes closed
+* Imagine a tiny white dot in your minds eye straight ahead of you -- focus on it
+* Take some full, deep cleansing breaths
+* Taking a breath in over 6-8 counts
+* Hold the breath the same count
+* Release the breath same count
+* Continue this 4-5 times then take one more cleansing breath
+* Then allow breathing to normalize
+## Research Day 2 (example: Friday)
+Follow the same halved day routine as your research day 1. 
+In the evening or the following morning, try this interval exercise routine.
+The idea is to work hard enough that your mind is only focused on the body and breath.
+Don't work too hard, you should feel relaxed afterward, not exhausted.
+_Use the other technique if you have cardio-pulmonary issues or if you prefer not to do this one_
+* Choose your favorite cardio exercise
+* Make sure you have a heart rate monitor, wristband, etc
+* Aim to reach your target heart rate [Here's a calculator](http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/target-heart-rate/SM00083)
+* Try to stay at your target heart rate, at moderate difficulty, for 30 seconds or so, _don't let it go above your max_
+* After 30 seconds at your target rate, ease up, get your heart rate back down
+* Take deep breaths in and release the breath out as slowly as you can
+* Do this until your heart rate lowers to your resting rate (near the bottom of you calclated range)
+* Continue these intervals for as long as you wish
+Have fun with it. experiment. Make room for unique, novel, useful and relevant ideas.