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libdrc - a C++ library for interaction with a Nintendo Wii U Gamepad

Current version: 1.0-dev

Supported features

* OS support: Linux only
* Streams and encodes video and audio data from a PC to a GamePad.
* Handles input data from a GamePad and passes it to either the application or
  the operating system

Planned features

* Receiving and displaying video from a Wii U on a PC.
* Generating HID packets and sending to a Wii U.


libdrc currently only supports Linux operating systems patched to export the
Wi-Fi TSF as a /sys file.

This library only handles network layer 7: it assumes a DRC is already paired
to your computer and does not handle all the Wi-Fi aspects. See our TODO
project that handles these aspects of Wii U Gamepad handling.

Recent activity

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