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Subprocesses can't use source option yet. Better way to find site-packages.

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                                             random.randint(0, 999999))
                 # Activate coverage for this process.
-                cov = coverage.coverage(source=cov_source,
+                cov = coverage.coverage(#source=cov_source,
 if sys.argv[1] in ('install', 'develop'):
     for path in sys.path:
-        if ('site-packages' in path) or ('dist-packages' in path and 'local' in path):
+        if (path.endswith('site-packages')) or (path.endswith('dist-packages') and 'local' in path):
             path = os.path.join(path, PTH_FILE_NAME)
             pth_file = open(path, 'w')
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