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+syntax: glob
 examine it.
+Coverage Config File
+This plugin provides a clean minimal set of command line options that are added to nosetests.  For
+further control of coverage use a coverage config file.
+For example if tests are contained within the directory tree being measured the tests may be
+excluded if desired by using a .coveragerc file with the omit option set::
+    nosetests --cov-config .coveragerc
+              --cov myproj
+              myproj/tests/
+Where the .coveragerc file contains file globs::
+    [run]
+    omit = tests/*
+For full details refer to the `coverage config file`_ documentation.
+.. _`coverage config file`:
+Note that this plugin controls some options and setting the option in the config file will have no
+effect.  These include specifying source to be measured (source option) and all data file handling
+(data_file and parallel options).
 log = logging.getLogger(__name__)
 class Cov(Plugin):
     """Activate cov plugin to generate coverage reports"""