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-The `nose-cov`_ package may be installed with pip or easy_install::
+Install with pip::
     pip install nose-cov
-    easy_install nose-cov
-.. _`nose-cov`: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/nose-cov/
+.. NOTE::
+    Ensure you use pip instead of easy_install as the latter does not correctly install the
+    init_cov_core.pth file needed for subprocess measurement.
-Uninstalling packages is supported by pip::
+Uninstall with pip::
     pip uninstall nose-cov
+    pip uninstall cov-core
-However easy_install does not provide an uninstall facility.
+.. NOTE::
     Ensure that you manually delete the init_cov_core.pth file in your site-packages directory.