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Suppress Coverage.py warnings

Dan Blanchard
created an issue

First of all, thanks for the excellent plugin. The coverage plugin that comes with nose does a terrible job of handling subprocesses, so your plugin is much appreciated.

Anyway, I do seem to be inundated with "Coverage.py warning: No data was collected." messages whenever I use your plugin, even though it pulls out the coverage information just fine. I'd really appreciate it if there was someway to filter out that message. As it stands, it's very difficult to follow what's going on with my unit tests when I have that message repeated hundreds of times.

Comments (1)

  1. Buck Evan


    pylint-cov seems to wrap all python subprocesses with coverage, which means some irrelevant python code is being run under coverage, resulting in this warning. In turn, this causes some of my assertions regarding subprocess' stderr output to become false.

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