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Meme Dough  committed eeb09d4

pip fails if inotifyx not installed.

Avoid importing to get version number.

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File nosier/nosier.py

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 Monitor directories and files for changes.  On detecting a change run
 the specified command.'''
-VERSION = '0.9'
+VERSION = '0.10'
 VERSION_TEXT = '%%prog version %s' % VERSION
 WATCH_EVENTS = inotifyx.IN_CREATE | inotifyx.IN_MODIFY | inotifyx.IN_DELETE | inotifyx.IN_DELETE_SELF | inotifyx.IN_MOVE

File setup.py

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-import nosier
 import setuptools
-                 version=nosier.VERSION,
+                 version='0.10',
                  description='Monitors paths for changes and then runs a specified command',
                  author='Meme Dough',