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Meme Dough  committed d22c5a6

Update docs to indicate install requires py / xdist dev versions.

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-The `pytest-cover pypi`_ package may be installed / uninstalled with pip::
+This plugin depends on features just added to py and pytest-xdist.
+Until py 1.2.2 and pytest-xdist 1.2 are released you will need to
+install the 'tip' development versions from:
-    pip install pytest-cover
-    pip uninstall pytest-cover
-Alternatively easy_install can be used::
-    easy_install pytest-cover
-.. _`pytest-cover pypi`: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pytest-cover/

File setup.py

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 from setuptools import setup
-      version='0.4',
+      version='0.5',
       description='py.test plugin for coverage collection with support for both centralised and distributed testing',
       author='Meme Dough',