1. memedough
  2. pytest-cov


pytest-cov / pytest_cov.py

"""Coverage plugin for pytest."""

def pytest_addoption(parser):
    """Add options to control coverage."""

    group = parser.getgroup('coverage reporting with distributed testing support')
    group.addoption('--cov', action='append', default=[], metavar='path',
                    help='measure coverage for filesystem path (multi-allowed)')
    group.addoption('--cov-report', action='append', default=[], metavar='type',
                    choices=['term', 'term-missing', 'annotate', 'html', 'xml'],
                    help='type of report to generate: term, term-missing, annotate, html, xml (multi-allowed)')
    group.addoption('--cov-config', action='store', default='.coveragerc', metavar='path',
                    help='config file for coverage, default: .coveragerc')

def pytest_configure(config):
    """Activate coverage plugin if appropriate."""

    if config.getvalue('cov_source'):
        config.pluginmanager.register(CovPlugin(), '_cov')

class CovPlugin(object):
    """Use coverage package to produce code coverage reports.

    Delegates all work to a particular implementation based on whether
    this test process is centralised, a distributed master or a
    distributed slave.

    def __init__(self):
        """Creates a coverage pytest plugin.

        We read the rc file that coverage uses to get the data file
        name.  This is needed since we give coverage through it's API
        the data file name.

        # Our implementation is unknown at this time.
        self.cov_controller = None

    def pytest_sessionstart(self, session):
        """At session start determine our implementation and delegate to it."""

        import cov_core

        cov_source = session.config.getvalue('cov_source')
        cov_report = session.config.getvalue('cov_report') or ['term']
        cov_config = session.config.getvalue('cov_config')

        session_name = session.__class__.__name__
        is_master = (session.config.pluginmanager.hasplugin('dsession') or
                     session_name == 'DSession')
        is_slave = (hasattr(session.config, 'slaveinput') or
                    session_name == 'SlaveSession')
        nodeid = None

        if is_master:
            controller_cls = cov_core.DistMaster
        elif is_slave:
            controller_cls = cov_core.DistSlave
            nodeid = session.config.slaveinput.get('slaveid', getattr(session, 'nodeid'))
            controller_cls = cov_core.Central

        self.cov_controller = controller_cls(cov_source,


    def pytest_configure_node(self, node):
        """Delegate to our implementation.

        Mark this hook as optional in case xdist is not installed.

    pytest_configure_node.optionalhook = True

    def pytest_testnodedown(self, node, error):
        """Delegate to our implementation.

        Mark this hook as optional in case xdist is not installed.

        self.cov_controller.testnodedown(node, error)
    pytest_testnodedown.optionalhook = True

    def pytest_sessionfinish(self, session, exitstatus):
        """Delegate to our implementation."""


    def pytest_terminal_summary(self, terminalreporter):
        """Delegate to our implementation."""


def pytest_funcarg__cov(request):
    """A pytest funcarg that provides access to the underlying coverage object."""

    # Check with hasplugin to avoid getplugin exception in older pytest.
    if request.config.pluginmanager.hasplugin('_cov'):
        plugin = request.config.pluginmanager.getplugin('_cov')
        if plugin.cov_controller:
            return plugin.cov_controller.cov
    return None