Name Size Uploaded by Downloads Date
Download repository 91.4 MB
Tag Commit Date Download
v3.4 0f0f11e
v3.3 44fec13
v3.2 d24caab
v3.1 712ae1c
v3.0.0 d20c6cc
v2.3.3 8ae49da
v2.3.2 93ac2dd
v2.1.0 d1855e4
v2.0.29 00319c2
Branch Commit Date Download
memmett/tssdc d4e3c23
maint 7555ab9
prbrune/snes-snesfunctiontype 99abf3a
knepley/pylith 3b73945
next f63485e
master 2fdbc98
knepley/fix-dm-defaultsf-init ecd7384
barry/html 8dc401d
balay/gmake-config-dpecheck ee7bb87
knepley/fix-mat-chop 5a4c130
knepley/fix-3d-orientation bd09f6e
jed/gnumake ad6b905
balay/remove-sdir 4a02027
barry/improve-memory-logging 8990d58
knepley/fix-circular-refs a546ed6
barry/tikz 49bd51f
knepley/plex-speed-tests a557a2c
madams/gamglog c1c463d
barry/fix-task-info 51c90db
barry/twitter 3ad067b
barry/citations 051e4cf
jed/fix-sneslinesearch-success-info fc1a0b2
knepley/fix-builder-test 8932156
prbrune/snes-snescomposite b3000dc
hzhang/mat-multiprocblock_baij 02e9429
prbrune/pcgamg-classical 65b3d5b
knepley/dm-view-partition 35ba5a2
knepley/fix-dm-clone 0663011
stefano_zampini/pcbddc-for-complexes 5b08dc5
barry/fix-PetscObjectPrintClassNamePrefixType dae5874
hzhang/mat-multiprocblock 61aad72
stefano_zampini/pcbddc-development f7c40c4
prbrune/snes-jacobiancolorfix c52e227
jed/config-cleanup a2d1d6c
barry/fix-petscopensocket e2fc02c
jed/matnullspaceremove-inplace 401b765
dalcinl/libpetsc-abi 59f6f5a
jed/comm-attr-delete ec4fadc
knepley/fix-plex-orient 86cff51
barry/add-petscfopensetmachine 74ba865
balay/scripts-use-git-detached-head 578098c
barry/fix-petscpclose 96a8e8c
sarich/rnet 96a8e8c
knepley/submesh-declarations 89a07f4
prbrune/snes-npcjacobianlagging e514fbc
dalcinl/opthandlers-destroy 6d87326
knepley/remove-sieve 1a73a3d
knepley/solkx f0e2161
karlrupp/feature-viennacl 824c3e1
karlrupp/doc-doxygen ed9f4fd
next-pre-3.4 faec26c
shri/ts-is-for-differential-variables 7619abb
maint-3.3 7f4049b
knepley/swarm 3bd6509
shri/ts-dae-semi-explicit 4f9b241
maint-3.2 381dd69
jed/ksp-plugin c2b829f
hzhang/mat-coloring b608321
shri/ts-powergrid 256bd31
barry/feature-ams 946c967
jed/missing-prototype 6c614e6
jed/cray-externc 56fd8b7
barry/wirth-fusion-materials 8f761b4
jed/ts-heat-plex 5d5849a
klaij/fieldsplit-simple-ex70 b61a8fb
hzhang/ksp-minresqlp d6bff79
knepley/reordering 0e8f585
knepley/dmswarm f8e77ee
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