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Introduction to MercurialEclipse

Note: The version shown is quite old

Video Tutorial

There's a video available showing cloning a repository with HgEclipse which is a renamed MercurialEclipse. Perhaps this helps :). Video tutorial for working with Google Code

Clone: Import a repository into your local workspace

Open Clone wizard

In Eclipse, go to the "File" menu and click "File->Import...". A dialog like the following should now be opened by Eclipse.


Click on "Mercurial->Clone repository using MercurialEclipse" in order to open the MercurialEclipse clone wizard.


Use the Clone wizard


Enter the URL, choose options (you don't need to), and click on Finish. The wizard should now show that it is working. You now have a new clone in your Eclipse workspace.

Commit: Commit your changes to your local repository

Open Commit dialog

Change stuff and save. Then right-click a file, folder or the project. In the context-menu you'll see there's a submenu "Team":


Left-click "Commit..." to open the Commit dialog. The dialog should now be opened.

Use the Commit dialog


You can now enter the commit message in the text box or have a look at the changes. Moreover you can choose with which name to commit or to use a previously used commit message. To see the changes you did, select a file and click on the "Show Diff". This opens the tray and displays the differences.


When you're happy with your commit message and have selected the files you want to commit, click the "Ok" button.

Pull: Update your local repository from a remote repository

Update: Update your working directory with the pulled changes

Push: Transfer your changes to a remote repository

Merge: Merge your local changes with remote changes

Revert: Undo your changes

Show History: See what has happened in the repository