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MercurialEclipse 2.7.1

2019-05-08: This release contains a fix to a null pointer exception introduced in version 2.7.1. More details.

MercurialEclipse 2.7.1

2019-04-26: This release contains a fix to an exception thrown when trying to use the Team menu. More details.

MercurialEclipse 2.7.0

2019-04-01: This release is a regularly schedule release that contains bug fixes and new features. More details.

MercurialEclipse 2.6.1

2018-12-31: This release contains a feature that adds support for folders and projects in Compare With and Replace With actions. More details.

MercurialEclipse 2.6.0

2018-10-01: This release continues on improving the healthiness of the source code foundations, so that the maintenance is easier and that long-term availability is better ensured. It also contains new features and bug fixes. Note that this version makes MercurialEclipse compatible with a wider range of Mercurial versions: from 3.8—4.2 to 3.7—4.7. More details.

MercurialEclipse 2.5.2

2018-06-08: This release contains fixes to bugs and missing menu entries during the broad rewrite that happened in 2.5.0. More details.

MercurialEclipse 2.5.0

2018-04-01: This release focuses on the healthiness of the source code: it contains an overhaul of the plugin.xml file in order to remove most inconsistencies as well as most uses of deprecated or internal Eclipse APIs. As a consequence, it requires action from the user. It also contains new features and bug fixes. Of note, is the large contribution of Colin Hurley to this release. More details.

MercurialEclipse 2.4.1

2017-11-12: This release contains a bug fix of a regression introduced in 2.4.0. More details.

MercurialEclipse 2.4.0

2017-10-01: This release contains many bug fixes and it focuses mainly on fixing exceptions. More details.

MercurialEclipse 2.3.0

2017-04-01: This release contains many bug fixes and new features. It requires action from the user. More details.

MercurialEclipse 2.1.0

Lots of bug fixes including a support for JDK 7u21. Two related features: a new Mercurial Perspective and Mercurial action toolbars. Uses JavaHg 0.6

MercurialEclipse 2.0.1

This is a minor bug fix and stability release. Uses JavaHg 0.5.

MercurialEclipse 2.0.0

This is the first release to use JavaHg for interactions with Mercurial via Mercurial's command server.

  • Synchronize multiple repositories at once in the synchronize view
  • New history graph rendering
  • Many bug fixes and improvements
  • Support for Eclipse 4.2 and previously supported versions

Support matrix

MercurialEclipse versionMinumum hg versionRecommended hg versionRecommended Eclipse Version— (Neon.R)—4.10.0 (2018-12)— (Neon.R)—4.10.0 (2018-12)— (Neon.R)—4.10.0 (2018-12)— (Neon.R)—4.9.0 (2018-09)— (Neon.R)—4.8.0 (Photon)— (Neon.R)—4.7.3 (Oxygen.3)— (Neon.R)—4.7.3 (Oxygen.3) (Neon.R) – 4.6.2 (Neon.R), 4.2, 4.2, 4.2, 4.2, 3.7

Some features are disabled when using less than the recommended hg version.
The recommended Eclipse version is the version most tested, not necessarily the minimum or maximum.

Previous releases

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