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Add number of mods/dc to process

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      * Build a LinkedHashList containing DC values extracted from METS
      * @param metsDoc METS Document
+     * @param maxDMDSec number of DMDSec elements allowed for processing
      * @param logger file logger
      * @return list of (repeating) DC values
      * @throws TException process exception
     public static LinkedHashList getDC (
             Document metsDoc,
+            int maxDMDSec,
             LoggerInf logger)
         throws TException
+        int maxDMDCnt = 0;
         try {
             Element root = metsDoc.getDocumentElement();
                     MESSAGE + "METS does not contain dmdSec");
             for (int i=0; i<size; i++) {
+                if (maxDMDCnt >= maxDMDSec) break;
                 fileNode = (Element)list.item(i);
                 isDC = isDC(fileNode, logger);
                 if (DEBUG) System.out.println("isDC=" + isDC);
                 int modsSize = listMODS.getLength();
                 if (modsSize > 0) {
                     getDCFromModsMets(returnList, metsDoc, logger);
+                    maxDMDCnt++;
                 int dcSize = listDC.getLength();
                 if (dcSize > 0) {
                     getMetsDC(returnList,metsDoc, logger);
+                    maxDMDCnt++;
                 } else if (isDC) {
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