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 (see step above for setting these properties)
-Edit  - these ant properties define the 
+Edit  <fixity home>/fixity-info.txt - these ant properties define the fixity processing
+Note that the defaults will probably work
+To receive periodic status reports it is necessary to modify the notificationEmail property
+name: UC3
+description: UC3 fixity micro-service
+intervalDays: 0
+threadPool: 1
+queueSleepSeconds: 1
+serviceScheme: Fixity/0.2/1.0
+baseURI: http://fixity.cdlib.org/
+notificationEmail: mailto:xxx@ucop.edu
+supportURI: mailto:uc3-support@ucop.edu
+periodicReportFrequencyHours: 1
+periodicReportFormat: xhtml
--storage.node=[absolute file path to storage node that will be constructed by script]
-Example: storage.node=/home/me/store
+-name=any value
--can.node=[absolute file path to CAN node that will be constructed by script]
-The actual storage of the pairtree/dflat architecture will occur under ths directory.
-Example: can.node=/home/me/node
+-description=description of this fixity service
--can.info.identifier=[any number - used in restful interface]
-The Storage Service restful calls use this number which must be unique to the
-Storage service.
-Example: can.info.identifier=10
+-intervalDays=minimum number of days between evaluations of any file
+=0 - continuous cycling
--store.info.baseURI=[Absolute URL that will be used for the Storage Service]
-This is the URL for your Storage Service calls.
-Example: http:storge.myhost.org:8080/storage
+-threadPool=number of concurrent threads processing fixity
-if present then delete storage service every time clean/build is done in maven
-Default: do not delete
+-queueSleepSeconds=number of seconds that fixity processing thread waits before processing next queued element
-if present then delete CAN every time clean/build is done in maven
-Default: do not delete
+use this constant for now
-NOTE: If you are using Windows for your Storage Service, then the file paths that you
-set in the properties need to be specified in a unix style format with forward slashes:
-C:/Documents and Settings/dloy/...
+-baseURI=information only value - URL of this fixity
-* run maven
-cd to downloaded version of ingest-storage-feeder (refered to as base/)
-mvn install
+-queueSleepSeconds=number of seconds that fixity processing thread waits before processing next queued element
-This should build a working storage service
+-notificationEmail=To value of periodic status emails. ; may be used as a delimiter for multiple values
+-supportURI=From value of periodic status emails
-* Run cmdline test
-The following target will add files to the created storage/can
-1. cd base/storage/store-demo
-2. ant -f make-store.xml test-cmdline-unix
+-periodicReportFrequencyHours=Hours between delivery of periodic email status
-* Building a working servlet
-After running the previous step a storage.war file will now exist that can be used
-on the Storage Service defined by the previous step.
-The .war is base/store-war/war/storage.war
-Place this .war in a java container (tomcat, resin, jetta, ...) and start the container.
-The restful interface should now be available at[store.info.baseURI]
-- [store.info.baseURI]/state 
-Example: http:storge.myhost.org:8080/storage/state - Storage Service state
-- [store.info.baseURI]/state/[[store.info.baseURI]
-Example: http:storge.myhost.org:8080/storage/state/10 - CAN state
-- Storage service URLs are sensitive to slashes (/) so URL encoding is required for any
-URL element containing a slash:
+-periodicReportFormat=Periodic email - format of response: xhtml, json, anvl, xml